Ethereum Casino Guide – The Best ETH Casino Reviews, Bonuses & Guides

Ethereum Casino Guide – The Best ETH Casino Reviews, Bonuses & Guides
Ethereum, created in 2015, is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, popular for its quick, secure, and anonymous payments and use of smart contracts. Ethereum is often referred to by several different names, including ETH, Ether, and Ethereum. Of course, it’s hard to talk about Ethereum gambling without mentioning Bitcoin, the world’s first-ever and most popular cryptocurrency. As of 2019, Bitcoin has the highest market capitalization, and Ether comes in second at slightly over $60 billion.
Bitcoin was released in 2009, and its blockchain technology was nothing short of revolutionary. It was the first distributed, peer-to-peer payment network. The release of Bitcoin revolutionized the face of the online casino industry by enabling features that fiat casinos could not keep up with, but Ether has the power to change the online gambling industry as we understand it. In fact, there are strong indicators that Ethereum is the future of online gambling.
In this article, we give you all the information you need to start playing casino games using Ether. We also share a list of the top ETH casinos in the USA and a brief overview of each casino. So, buckle up, and let’s explore the nuances of ETH gambling. Now, let’s look at the best Ethereum gambling sites.
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Ethereum Gambling Advantages
– Anonymity – Fiat casinos require players to provide lots of personal and financial data, including their ID, card details, full name, phone number, physical address, and so on. All transactions with physical casinos are visible to a lot of people, including the casino itself, the bank, and hackers, and they can be traced back to you. Ethereum smart contracts solve this problem 100%. You do not need a bank account, proof of address, or any sort of personal data to bet online. All you need is an Ether wallet. Consequently, the transactions are 100% anonymous, unless you give your wallet details to someone for some reason.
– Transaction Speed – Bitcoin is fast, but Ether is instant. Bitcoin takes as long as 10 minutes to a few hours to process transactions, but the average processing speed of an ETH transaction is just 15 seconds.
– Fees – Bitcoin charges a standard fee per transaction, but Ethereum charges a fee according to the data and resources needed to process your transactions. Normally, the smaller the amount you are depositing, the lower the fee. Ethereum works well for gamblers because they often deposit and withdrawal small amounts.
– Safety – ETH is fully decentralized, which means it can’t be hacked and that governments do not have jurisdiction over Ether transactions. So, you don’t have to worry about your bank asking questions such as where your money came from or refusing to accept it. Also, by the very nature of the ETH blockchain, once the smart contracts have been generated, the rules cannot be altered, which eliminates any possibility of gamblers being cheated out of their winnings when playing Ethereum games.

Best Ethereum Casinos

Established early in 2014, FortuneJack is without a doubt one of the leading Ethereum gambling sites. It is based in Curacao, and from the moment players land on its homepage, they are carried away by its user-friendly design, generous welcome offer, and ongoing promotion each day of the week. The brand has been in operation for over four years, and it offers 24/7 customer support services via email and live chat. FortuneJack boasts over 777,000 BTC in wagers since its establishment, which is impressive given that most casinos have an average of 200,000 BTC or less staked on their platform.
Highlighted Games from FortuneJack
– Fortunejack.com5 ETH + 250 Free Spins
– Dice
– Single Deck Blackjack
– American Roulette
– Live Blackjack
BetChain was birthed in 2014, making it a bedrock and a formidable force in the cryptocurrency gambling niche. It forays together over 2000 casinos games from leading developers such as MrSlotty, Habanero, iSoftbet, Microgaming, NetEnt, and many more. The brand is highly customer-centric, and in addition to ETH gambling, it supports traditional currencies. BetChain is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Swedish, and many more languages. It offers customer support around the clock via both email and live chat. Betchain processes withdrawals, which are ultra-fast.
Highlighted Games from Betchain
– Betchain.com2 ETH + 200 Free Spins
– Heads and Tails
– American Roulette
– Live Roulette
– Satoshi’s Secret
If you’re looking for an ETH casino that doesn’t disappoint, 1xBit should definitely be on your radar. It was launched in 2011, and it’s one of the leading Ether online casinos, based in Curacao. The brand has over 800 casino games, a hefty welcome offer, and lots of ongoing promotions for loyal players. Also, using a single pair of login details, password, and email, 1xBit will give you access to its expert bookies. This online casino, in our opinion, has ticked all the right boxes for awesome cryptocurrency gambling.
Highlighted Games from 1xBit
– 1xBitUp to 7 ETH
– Heads and Tails
– Dice
– Game of Thrones Slot
– Grand Theft Auto Slot

Difference Between Gambling with Ethereum and Gambling with Bitcoin

Based on the very nature of how the two altcoins are built, ETH is superior to Bitcoin due to its use of smart contracts, which essentially allow players to enter into gaming agreements with each other without the need to trust the online casino.
Smart contract agreements are based on predetermined rules (both financial and non-financial, programmed into the ETH blockchain), which, once set, cannot be altered. The contracts do not need anyone to process them; they’re self-executing (automated), which means they’re also cheaper. By eliminating the need to trust the casino, Ethereum smart contracts fully eradicate the possibility of gamblers being cheated out of their winnings.
Unlike Bitcoin gambling, gambling with Ethereum comes in two forms. The first method, the one used by most blockchain casinos, is the use of ETH as a payment option in web casinos. Under this method, both Ethereum and Bitcoin can be used to play casino games instead of fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, the euro, and so on. This is the simplest form of Ether gambling to understand.
The second type of ETH gambling involves using smart contracts to bet. This method is only used by ETH casinos in the USA that run fully on the ETH blockchain. Unlike the above option, you don’t send the Ether to your casino account but rather to a smart contract. The contract then automates everything based on the set rules and pays out based on whether you win or lose.

Benefits of Betting in Ethereum Casinos Using Smart Contracts

– Payments are processed purely on the ETH blockchain, which significantly reduces the risk of loss.
– The casino does not hold your funds at any point.
– Payments are processed using open-source code and cannot be hacked.
– Winnings are paid out instantly whether you hit a jackpot or make a small win.
Using smart contracts to play casino games offers transparency and fairness that extends beyond the instant payment and provably fair feature that Bitcoin delivers. ETH smart contracts allow virtually anything (both financial and non-monetary transactions) to be programmed on them, meaning that they give Ethereum casinos the possibility to be even more transparent and fairer. An example of this development is, an Ethereum online casino that offers 100% transparency and 0% house-edge blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and dice games.

What Makes ETH Casinos Better Than Bitcoin Sites

First off, Bitcoin gambling has been highly criticized by the government because of the numerous scandals that have been executed using Bitcoin, including cases of money laundering. On the other hand, Ethereum has learned from the mistakes of its older cousin and has put in place measures to avoid such scenarios.
Secondly, ETH was built from the ground up to be more stable and sustainable than Bitcoin. ETH is easier for non-tech users to use than Bitcoin. Also, Ethereum has specific features that make it more suitable for use on gambling platforms than Bitcoin. For example, it is much easier to integrate payment options into an Ethereum casino than a Bitcoin casino.
Lastly, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum gambling sites can use the currency to facilitate the secure transfer of non-financial data, which means they have a chance to be more provably fair than Bitcoin casinos. This is because Ether allows for the creation of smart contracts programmed to convey non-financial data, while Bitcoin can only be used to process monetary transactions.
We talk more about smart contracts later in this article.

Decentralized Ethereum Smart Contracts in Gambling

Decentralization brings in a totally new way to gamble. In non-blockchain gambling, games are controlled by third-party software such as Nektan and Quickfire, meaning that they have a central operating base. This makes the game prone to manipulation and fraud.
In smart contract gambling, the game rules are written on the ETH blockchain, making them fully decentralized. Once written, the game rules cannot be changed, and gamblers can view the transaction history online, making them fair and 100% secure.

Ethereum Casino Games

There are various Ethereum games that you can choose from. Here are some of the most popular games:


Ethereum casino games use dice as one of the key components of gameplay, normally to randomize the outcome. In most dice games, players throw a six-sided die in hopes of rolling the highest number possible. An example of such a game is craps. In some other dice games, the players’ guesses must be over or under the number rolled. Some popular ETH dice games include Hazard, Chuck-A-Luck, Kilondike, Sic Bo, Banka Francesca, and more.


Ethereum slots are based on predetermined smart contracts, meaning that ETH slots produce provably fair and random outcomes on each wager. Ethereum slots are classified into various categories, including progressive Ethereum slots, such as Money Farm 2, Dragon Lady, Slots Angels, and more. You will also find plenty of Ethereum 3D slots as well as five-reel and three-reel games.


Ethereum blackjack uses the same rules as bitcoin blackjack, but instead of players paying with fiat currency, they deposit and play with ETH. In order to win, a player must get 21 points or as close as possible. Also, if the player reaches a score higher than the dealer’s score and not more than 21, he or she still wins.


Here you can either bet on a number or a combination of numbers, and then you spin the wheel. Ethereum gambling sites have a lot of variations of this game, which is a well-known, classic casino game.

Provable Fairness in Ethereum Gambling

“Provably fair” is a protocol that allows anyone on the ETH blockchain to view, audit, and verify the outcome of each wager, such as a spin on a slot game. Ethereum gambling is provably fair because the rules of a smart contract cannot be altered once set.
The smart contract concept can be used in virtually all industries, but the gambling industry standards to gain the most, largely because the contracts eradicate the need for players to trust the casino.
The data related to each wager is reflected on the blockchain, resulting in what is called “provable fairness.”

Ethereum Gambling DApps

Decentralized applications, or DApps, are becoming a buzzword in online gambling circles. DApps are basically decentralized apps that, unlike regular apps, run on computer systems based on a blockchain. As of 2019, EOS and Ethereum are the two most popular platforms for hosting DApps. Popular Ethereum gambling DApps include iDice, PlaytoWin, FCK, Find the Rabbit, and PlayOX.

Future of the Ethereum Casinos

The future is bright for Ethereum casinos compared to other cryptocurrency websites. ETH is cheaper, faster, and safer than Bitcoin. In the future, we predict that the number of ETH casinos will surpass the number of Bitcoin casinos.