Online Bitcoin Roulette – The Best Casinos of 2022

Online Bitcoin Roulette – The Best Casinos of 2022
Because of its simple rules and excitement, Roulette is one of the most exhilarating and popular casino games. Thanks to advances in technology, you can now play online using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.
In fact, as more and more casino players start using cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Roulette is becoming the staple version of online roulette. There are multiple reasons for this, but the most important is the anonymity and quick transaction speeds of Bitcoin.
Also, when playing, you will get your winnings within a few minutes or hours. But what exactly are the benefits of playing Crypto Roulette?
|Casino||Bet Limits||Bonus||Types||Live Roulette||Details||Claim|
|Bitstarz||Min: 0.0001 / Max: 10|
Up to 5 BTC
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|||Min: 0.0001 / Max: 5|
Up to mɃ 1,000
|Review||Play Now|
|FortuneJack||Min: 0.0001 / Max: 5|
Up to 5 BTC
|Review||Play Now|
|Cloubet||Min: 0.001 / Max: 5|
Up to 5 BTC
|Review||Play Now|
|mBit||Min: 0.0001 / Max: 5|
Up to 5 BTC
|Review||Play Now|
|Bovada||Min: $1 / Max: $1,000|
$4,500 in BTC
|Review||Play Now|
|BetChain||Min: 0.0001 / Max: 5|
Up to 5 BTC
|Review||Play Now|
|Oshi Casino||Min: 0.00001 / Max: 5|
Up to 5 BTC
|Review||Play Now|
|Bodog||Min: $1 / Max: $1,000|
Up to $900 in BTC
|Review||Play Now|
|7Bit Casino||Min: 0.0001 / Max: 5|
Up to 5 BTC
|Review||Play Now|
|Ignition||Min: $1 / Max: $1,000|
Up to $2,000 in BTC
|Review||Play Now|
|Luckygames||Min: 0.00001 / Max: 5|
|Review||Play Now|
|Bitsler||Min: 0.000001 / Max: 0.2|
|Review||Play Now|

Advantages of Bitcoin Roulette

Anonymity – There are numerous cryptocurrencies out there, but Bitcoin is the oldest and most popular. It was birthed in 2009 with the sole goal of offering secure, cheap, and anonymous transactions. All your Bitcoin transactions are immutable and fully decentralized. No government, bank, or financial institutions can control or trace the transactions back to you.
To play crypto Roulette, you won’t be required to divulge your personal and financial data. You will only need to create an account by share your Bitcoin wallet ID (the place where your Bitcoins are held), and you are good to go. Your transactions on the Bitcoin Blockchain, which autonomously facilitates each transaction, verify it and adds it to the ledger. Nobody can trace your Bitcoin transaction back to you.
House Edge – Transaction fees in the bitcoin network are negligible as no middleman is involved. This has enabled casinos to pass on the benefits by lowering their house edge, which is an advantage to you as a player.
‘Provably Fair’ games – When playing the regular online roulette version, punters need to trust that the online casino won’t manipulate the outcome of the game. Bitcoin Roulette takes things a step higher by providing software that allows you to verify whether the outcome of the games was determined randomly or perhaps manipulated. You do not need to trust that the casino didn’t cheat, you get a way to verify that indeed, it didn’t.
A quick concern is that the casino could manipulate the game as well as the Probably Fair software, but based on how blockchain works, that is not possible. Once a transaction has been added to the blockchain, it cannot be changed in any way or reversed. The provably fair software is based on the blockchain, too, and the online casino cannot manipulate it too. Crypto transactions are probably fair and transparent.

How to Play Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette, just like online roulette, is played on a round table with boxed compartments numbered 1-36. Around these numbers are oval and rectangle shapes in alternate red and black colors. There is also a green section labeled 0. Wheels with one 0 are predominantly European with American wheels having an extra green compartment labeled 00. The 0 and 00 are used to place what are called inside bets.
Outside the boxes containing the number 1-36 are more boxes numbered 1-18. These numbers are used to place outside bets, and they are on the part of the roulette wheel across the dealer. A ball is then spun in one direction, and the small white ball is spun in the opposite direction. As the wheel revolves and slows down, it eventually comes to a stop on one of the numbered spots.
Now, your task as a player is to guess the number that the ball will stop on by placing your bet on the betting board prior to the ball being spun. If the ball stops on the number you predicted, you are declared a winner, and you get the reward.
To get started with BTC roulette, simply create an account with your favorite online casino (by sharing your public wallet ID) and makes a bitcoin deposit and be on your way to winning!

Bitcoin Casino Roulette Variations

There are three main variations:
American Bitcoin Roulette
A typical American roulette wheel features 38 compartments numbered 1 through 36. It also has two green sections numbered 0 and 00, bringing the total number to 38. In the game, each player is allowed to place single or multiple bets. The house edge is said to be slightly higher in American Roulette than other types.
European Bitcoin Roulette
In this variation of the game, the wheel has 37 compartments including one 0. As with the American wheel, the numbers 1-36 alternate in red and black colors with the 0 being green. 18 compartments contain odd numbers and the other 18 even numbers with the colors following a specific pattern.
French Bitcoin Roulette
French roulette uses the European wheel with 37 compartments, numbers 1-36 and one 0. Similarly, the compartments feature alternate red and black colors with a green 0 section. This variation has a different layout with the wheel at the center and betting grids on either side with all wordings written in French.

Roulette Rules

When playing bitcoin roulette online, there are a few things that you should remember:

Placing a Bet

You can place a bet before the wheel is spun, and even when the ball starts spinning until the dealer calls off all bets. You can also place single or multiple bets depending on how much you want to risk. Additionally, the more you bet, the higher your chances of winning, although the payouts might be considerably lower.

There are two main types of bets that you can make:
Inside bets are those bets that you place on the numbers themselves and these typically come in seven options.
– Single/Straight – Refers to a bet on a specific number by placing your cheap within the square of that specific number.
– Split bet – This is a bet on any two numbers placed by placing the chip on the line that separates the two numbers.
– Six Line/Double Street – This is a wager on 2 neighboring rows. It’s placed by placing the chip on the corner of the two adjacent rows.
– Street This is a wager on a row of 3 numbers placed by putting the chip on the edge of the specific row.
– First Four/Basket – This is a wager on 0-1-2-3. It’s placed by putting the chip on the edge of O and the rows containing 1-2-3.
– Trio – This is a wager on 3 numbers one of which must be 0. Its placed by placing the chip at the point of intersection of the numbers.
Outside bets are those that you place on the other sections of the table outside of the numbers field, and there are usually five options.
– Low or high bets – Wagers on the upper half (19-36) or lower (1 to 18).
– Red or Black bets – Wagers on all black or red numbers.
– Even or Odd bets – wagers on all odd or even numbers.
– Column bets – wagers placed on a vertical column of numbers.
– Dozen bets – Wagers placed on the first dozen of numbers (1 to 12), second (13 to 24), or 3rd dozen of number (25 to 36).
An important thing to remember when betting is that each game has set bet limits. Check the limits and pick a game that is in line with your strategy and how much you are looking to spend.

Payouts and Probabilities

The kind of winnings you get will depend on types of bets you place. Typically, outside bets have higher chances of winning (50/50) than inside bets, but their payout is relatively smaller. Inside bets have lower odds of winning but have bigger payouts.
European Roulette also has a slightly higher chance of winning than American version, due to having a single 0 as opposed to the two in the American game.
European games that follow the ‘la partage’ and ‘en prison’ rules have a lower house edge increasing your chances for a payout. Please note that these rules apply only to even money bets.
La Partage – This translates to ‘the divide’ and comes into play when the ball lands on zero after the wheel spin. When this happens, the dealer has to split all even money bets into two; half to the player and half to the house.
En Prison – When the wheel spins and lands on zero the dealer marks the bet as ‘in prison’. He then spins again, and if you win, you get your original bet back in full.

Roulette Betting Systems

There are several strategies that you can use to win your games. Some examples include:
The Martingale – this is a strategy where you double your bet every time you lose, in the hope that when you eventually win, you will recoup all that you had lost.
The D’alembert – this strategy is also known as a gambler’s fallacy because it believes that things will eventually ‘even out’. That is, the more one number occurs, the more likely your selected number will occur next, because, well, the ‘universe’ wants to even things out.
The Labouchere – This strategy is popular with many players. It involves starting the game with a row of numbers written down. You then add the first and the last numbers on the line, and this will be your first bet. When you lose you add what you lost to the end of the line. If you win you cross out that number. It continues until all numbers are all crossed out (or until you leave the game).
The Fibonacci – This strategy uses the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical formula where a number on the line is a sum of the two that came before. For example, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. Many gamblers use this sequence in units of 10 to bet. After betting 10 numbers, they then bet the next 10 and so on.
Other strategies you can look into are the Paroli, Grand Martingale, and the Combo.

Top Bitcoin Roulette Sites Reviewed

Here is a review of our top-rated Bitcoin Roulette sites:
This site offers innovative gaming options to cater for all clients- from the novices to the experienced, as well as different budgets. There are diverse gaming categories ranging from roulette, dice, slots, and blackjack. There are various games to choose from such as auto roulette blaze, auto roulette speed 1 & 2, and auto roulette classic 1 & 2.
Other than these, there are bitcoin live roulette games to choose from. This casino also offers provably fair games and an attractively low house edge.
This casino is at the forefront of bitcoin gambling offering over 1800 games, including roulette, blackjack, poker, slots and many more. Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are easy and fast. All new players enjoy amazing welcome bonuses, and there is an array of offers for all players such as cash prizes, travel vouchers, and free spins. Live Roulette is available in the French, American and European versions.
This is one of the most comprehensive websites with everything you could be looking for in an online casino. For bitcoin gambling, all the usual suspects are available, blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, etc. Pick normal online games or opt for the super exciting live dealer games where you get to interact with your dealer one on one.
You can make your pick from a variety European, American or French roulette games. Each game comes with a welcome package featuring free spins and bonuses. There is a community chat where you can share your experiences with others.
Name any kind of games and this website has it! From betting on your favorite sports team to slots, live casino and thousands of other games, you will find them all here. New members are welcomed with a signing bonus of up to 1BTC!
There are numerous options for players to choose from including Swedish roulette, lightning roulette, classic and European version, among others. There are live online consultants that you can chat with at any point if you have any questions. The registration process is easy, and transactions lightning fast.
This website is well designed and easy to navigate. It has been in operation since 2013 and offers sports and live sports betting as well as other casino games. New members are welcomed with a generous welcome bonus of up to 5BTC!
For roulette lovers, the site has various options ranging from lightning roulette, double ball roulette, VIP roulette, and immersive roulette among others. If you fancy yourself as a VIP, you can join the VIP club where limits are higher and wins bigger. This option also comes with 24-7 live chat support.
Betchain Casino offers you a full casino experience. On this website, you have a variety of games such as roulette, blackjack, horse racing, slots, poker, etc. These games are provably fair, and you won’t have to worry about cheating.
The casino has an easy method of withdrawing and depositing bitcoin and even gives step by step instructions for beginners. American, French and European versions of roulette are available. Beginners get a100% welcome bonus as well as up to 200 free spins!
Stake Casino prides itself as one of the first provably fair casinos to be licensed. When you are playing here, you can be sure that your games are not fixed in any way. You can play all sorts of games, including mines, plinko, poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and many others. BTC roulette is one of the most popular games here with European and French versions available.
The game is quite interactive, and you will enjoy 24-hour live support. Another inviting factor is the super low house edge.
The Bitcoin Penguin website is appealing and easy to navigate. It offers you over 200 games which are provably fair and random. These games are the ones that you love and have come to expect from a casino, including blackjack, poker, baccarat, etc. Roulette lovers have a choice of three types- French, American, and European.
Alongside these, you can indulge in a live game of your choice. You can pick your favorite game provider from a comprehensive list, including Amatic, BGaming, Ezugi, and VivoGaming, among others.